Kerala Tour Packages

Kerala Tour Packages

Have you ever thought of spending your vacation amidst the greenery of Kerala? Whether it be a weekend, family tour, college trip, or a honeymoon trip, Kerala can always woo you with its beauty. Kerala is well-known for its scenic beauty. The environment, climate, essence, seafood, food and the weather are the most prevailing factors to attract you. You should keep in track the above facets while choosing Kerala tour packages. A week is sufficient to visit Kerala. You can grab various packages ranging from 2 nights 3 days to 5 nights 6 days.

Before planning your holiday to Kerala, you should keep in mind a few things like in which season you are going to visit, which place and other related stuff. You can either travel via train or flight or you can also entertain yourself with a road journey. Anyway, Kerala is not so far after all. Kerala tour packages are cost-effective and let you visit myriad attractive corners altogether. There are so many spots to visit, and so many foods to taste. You can also befriend a local guide during your stay.

We have brought some exclusive Kerala holiday packages for you. These Kerala tour packages hardly cost much and all of them are budget-friendly. As per your preference and interest, you can conclude on any package and include as many members as you wish.

1)Trip to Munnar

Price- 6300/- (Per person on twin sharing)

Nights- Two

Once you reach there, embark your journey in Munnar with sightseeing. It could be a romantic destination if you are planning for a honeymoon. The price of your meal is not included in the amount mentioned above. The scenic beauty and ambience are eye-striking. Don’t forget to take a bite on seafood and varieties of foods available there. 

2) Trip to Kovalam

Price- 7999/- (Per person on twin sharing)

Nights- Two

If you are photogenic, then no place can be better than this for a short trip. This place is exceptionally famous for its three pristine beaches- lighthouse beach, hawah beach, and samudra beach. You can witness an amazing experience in the tranquil atmosphere of the seafronts. The mesmerizing and breathtaking view of sunrise and sunset will never halt to entertain you. You can add more life to your tour by engaging yourself in water snowboarding, windsurfing, parasailing, browsing, catamaran drive and diving. 

3) Trip to Thekkady

Price- 7999/- (Per person on twin sharing)

Nights- Two

Thekkady is widely known as a famous place for hilly regions, aromatic spice plantations and ornamented biodiversity. Here, you can view one of the most popular ecotourism destinations. The Periyar Wildlife sanctuary would amuse you by its ambience. You can’t hold yourself back from sightseeing. The lush greenery around the Periyar lake surely deserves gratitude. Plan wisely and don’t forget to visit spice plantations.

4) Honeymoon special to Munnar

Price- 12,999/- (Per person on twin sharing)

Nights- Three

Cochin can be the wisest choice to embark your journey. Cochin is surrounded by the Western Ghats on the east and the Arabian Sea on the west. Its prime location has entitled it to renowned crowns like “Gateway to Kerala” and “Queen of the Arabian Sea”. The scenic beauty will paralyze you along with the charm and ambience stand there. Serene Hill Station will make you fall in love with the lush greenery, rich biodiversity, gushing stream, and enchanting waterfalls. Eravikulam National Park can startle you with the rare species of flora and fauna. 

5) Magnificent Kerala trip

Price- 17,150/- (Per person on twin sharing)

Nights- Five

You may get puzzled while choosing the places to visit on priority. Here we suggest a few breathtaking places to witness at least once in a lifetime. You can commence your journey by visiting Cheeyappara waterfalls and blossom garden. You can proceed your next day with sightseeing. Places like Shola Forests, Nallathanni, Eravikulam National Park, Mattupetty Dam, Kundala Lake, and Muthirapuzha. Don’t forget to embrace the beauty of Alleppey. Needless to say, don’t skip to taste the varieties of seafood and foods in Kerala.

✓Choosing these tour packages in Kerala can be your wisest decision as they are budget-friendly and designed well. Pick up the most suitable Kerala tour package and begin your journey anytime soon.


kokan Darshan

kokan Darshan

Being a naturalist, who else does not want to witness the mesmerizing beauty of nature, experiencing a heavenly feeling amidst the hills and mountains, healing own ears with the sparkling of waterfalls and discovering your childish attitude around the corner of a beach? 

If you are looking for all in one touch wood, then you must visit Kokan once in your life. It is the western coastline of our country. It is very well known for its lush green arena, hills, beaches, sea forts and waterfalls. Our tour agency offers you the best Konkan tour packages from Mumbai.

If you are among those who want to get lost in the cool breeze, yearn to walk naked on the brown sand and find peace within the mesmerizing blue sea, then a Kokan Darshan trip is a perfect match for you. Take a momentary leave and uncover yourself amidst one of the most wonderful creations of nature.

We offer you the most plausible Konkan Darshan tour packages which almost covers all the tourist spots. Have a look at these must-watch spots, don’t forget to take a glimpse at each of them once you get there-

  • Kawalesaad
  • Hiranyakeshi
  • Mahadevgad Point 
  • Sunset Point 
  • Sawantwadi (Toy Market)
  • Reddy Ganesh
  • Aravali Vetoba
  • Vengurla
  • Sagareshwar
  • Malvan (Bharadi Devi Darshan) Aangnewadi
  • Malvan Market
  • Tarkarli (Backwater)
  • Malvan Fort
  • Media Ganesh
  • Aachra (Rameshwar)
  • Kunkeshwar
  • Devgad
  • Vijaydurga Fort
  • Pawas (Swami Swarupanand)
  • Ganpatipule (Swayambhu Ganesh Temple and Beach Safar)

We provide you with assorted Konkan Darshan packages. Starting from 6 Days 5 Nights package to 3 Days and 2 Nights package. Choose whatever season you like the most, fix your budget and then jump on a Kokan Darshan package whichever suits your mandates the most.

Packages that we are providing to you-

1) Sampurn Kokan Darshan- You can visit all the tourist spots within 6 days. It is a 6 days and 5 nights Konkan tour. You can frame each day as per your preferences.

    • Day 1- Commence your journey on this day.
    • Day 2- Visit Kawalesaad, Hiranyakeshi, Mahadevgad Point, Sunset Point and Waterfall.
  • Day 3- Explore and have a look at Sawantwadi (Toy Market), Reddy Ganesh, Aravali Vetoba, Vengurla, Sagareshwar, Malvan (Bharadi Devi Darshan) Aangnewadi, Malvan Market.
  • Day 4- Visit Tarkarli (Backwater), Malvan Fort, Media Ganesh, Aachra (Rameshwar), Kunkeshwar and Devgad
  • Day 5- Visit rest of the places like Vijaydurga Fort, Pawas (Swami Swarupanand), Ganpatipule (Swayambhu Ganesh Temple and Beach Safar).
  • Day 6- Take a bow and put a sweet end to your journey.

2) Mini Kokan Darshan- This is a 3 days and 2 nights tour. Explore places like Anjarle (Kadyavarcha Ganapati Temple), beach, Guhagar (Vyadeshwar Temple) Velaneshwar, Hedvi, Malgund, Ganptipule, Derven, Shiv Srushti, and Parshuram Temple.

3) Other packages- You can also decide on a solo package on Raigad Darshan, Tarkarli- Ganpatipule, Mumbai to Alibaug, Mumbai to Deveagar.

Our tour agency offers you the best Konkan darshan tour packages from Mumbai. You can go for any of these budget-friendly plans. Our packages let you witness the magnificence of almost all the popular tourist spots. You can also avail for a customized package depending upon your budget and the particular places you want to witness. Hurry up and witness the beauty of Konkan with your loved ones


Lonavala Tour Packages

Lonavala Tour Packages

The monotony of uninterrupted workload lowers down the enthusiasm and spirit sometimes. Don’t you want to take an escape from the busy and ever-bustling street of Mumbai? What could be a better plan than taking a break and shooting a journey Lonavala with your loved ones?

Let us fetch it to your knowledge that Lonavala is a very popular hill station. It is a local getaway which is located in the outskirts of Mumbai at a distance of 110km. The equilibrium surrounds its environment in an amicable way which seems like a place as calm as a millpond. It has been a centre of attraction for the past few decades. 

Most of the visitors come to witness this cosmic magnificence during monsoon mainly. During monsoon, the scenic beauty enhances and it captivates each pupil who all are there to take a glimpse of it. ‘Len’ and ‘Avali’ combine to pronounce as Lonavala which means ‘the resting place of stones’. Lonavala is exceptionally famous for a popular candy called ‘Chikki’.

We offer you the most plausible Lonavala tour package which almost covers all the tourist spots. Have a look at these must-watch spots, don’t forget to take a glimpse at each of them once you get there-

  • Ryewood Park
  • Shivaji Udyan
  • Bhushi Dam
  • Valvan Dam
  • Lohagad Fort
  • Lonavala Lake
  • Tungarli Lake
  • Karla Cave

Our most reasonably priced Lonavala tour package from Mumbai offer a trip for 2 nights and 3 days-

  1. Day 1- Start your journey from Mumbai via any route of your preference. Either you can directly drive to Matheran or via flight or train or Lonavala darshan bus. After check-in, have rest, get refreshed but don’t hold your back much. You can commence sightseeing by visiting Ryewood Park, Shivaji Udyan, Bhushi Dam, and Valvan Dam. 

Save your first day for these places. Bhushi Dam and Valvan Dam have the most stunning catchment area for tourists like you. Whereas, the beautiful garden of Ryewood Park and Shivaji Udyan is the perfect place to spend quality time with loved ones. You can also find Ancient Shiva Temple out there.

  1. Day 2- You can shape our second day as per your preference as you are getting the entire day to explore. Witness the beauty of the lake and cave on the next day of your trip. Visit the most popular spots like Lonavala Lake, Karla Cave, Tungarli Lake, Lohagad Fort.

If you are striving for peace and balance then the calmness of nature and the waterfalls of Tungarli and Lonavala Lake will soothe your mind, body and soul. Karla Cave exemplifies historic importance and this Buddhist site was built a long ago. Lohagad Fort adds beauty to your journey. This is a popular batter ground where the great Maratha warrior like Shivaji fought once. This place will give you a distinct vibe and you can view the widespread greenery and the valleys from the height of the fort.

Our tour agency offers you the best Lonavala tour packages from Mumbai. You can go for any of these budget-friendly plans. Our packages let you witness the magnificence of almost all the popular tourist spots.

Lonavala and Khandala are two hill stations adjacent to each other. You can visit them at one go. We also customize Lonavala Khandala tour packages and Lonavala packages for couples which cover the spots of your preference. In case you want to visit Khandala along with, you can avail our Lonavala Khandala tour package from Mumbai.


Mahabaleshwar Tour Packages

Mahabaleshwar Tour Packages

After an episode of tiresome and uninterrupted hectic working days, who else does not struggle to rejuvenate his soul and mind. When you are looking for a tourist destination which can relax and rejuvenate your body, mind and soul, then Mahabaleshwar tour is an excellent match for you.

Mahabaleshwar is popularly known as one of the most distinguished and visually attractive tourist spots in Maharashtra. It is a tranquil and soothing hill station which lies close in the Western Ghats. You will completely lose yourself amidst its lush greenery, picturesque valley, sparkling rivers and whatnot. 

Your eyes can never get tired of the scenic beauty which surrounds the hilltop. You can spend a couple of hours just staring and admiring the stunning backdrops. The pleasant climate will never stop itself from entertaining you. You will experience a perfect peaceful weekend amid cascading waterfalls, idealized hill station and spectacular panoramas. 

Long story short, it’s an ideal destination and perfect weekend getaway to spend a holiday with your loved ones. What are you waiting for, grab your backpack and commence your Mahabaleshwar trip anytime soon? Take a break from your monotonous life and get your hands on our Mahabaleshwar tour packages.

Our tour agency offers you the best Mahabaleshwar tour packages from Mumbai. You can avail any of these budget-friendly plans. Our packages let you witness the magnificence of almost all the popular tourist spots.

On top of that, our tour agency caters to flexible and customised plans just for you. We always take your interest and mandates into consideration and design packages that solely suit your interest as well as budget. Our reasonably priced tour packages allow you to break free from the ever-bustling city of Mumbai. Undoubtedly, this tour is a refreshing treat for you and your loved ones.

Note: All these Mahabaleshwar packages come at a very affordable range. If you are planning for a honeymoon, then these Mahabaleshwar honeymoon packages can also suit your mandates. Each of this Mahabaleshwar package may have flexible prices during special occasions and particular seasons. Do not think much, grab these offers soon.