Being a naturalist, who else does not want to witness the mesmerizing beauty of nature, experiencing a heavenly feeling amidst the hills and mountains, healing own ears with the sparkling of waterfalls and discovering your childish attitude around the corner of a beach? 

If you are looking for all in one touch wood, then you must visit Kokan once in your life. It is the western coastline of our country. It is very well known for its lush green arena, hills, beaches, sea forts and waterfalls. Our tour agency offers you the best Konkan tour packages from Mumbai.

If you are among those who want to get lost in the cool breeze, yearn to walk naked on the brown sand and find peace within the mesmerizing blue sea, then a Kokan Darshan trip is a perfect match for you. Take a momentary leave and uncover yourself amidst one of the most wonderful creations of nature.

We offer you the most plausible Konkan Darshan tour packages which almost covers all the tourist spots. Have a look at these must-watch spots, don’t forget to take a glimpse at each of them once you get there-

  • Kawalesaad
  • Hiranyakeshi
  • Mahadevgad Point 
  • Sunset Point 
  • Sawantwadi (Toy Market)
  • Reddy Ganesh
  • Aravali Vetoba
  • Vengurla
  • Sagareshwar
  • Malvan (Bharadi Devi Darshan) Aangnewadi
  • Malvan Market
  • Tarkarli (Backwater)
  • Malvan Fort
  • Media Ganesh
  • Aachra (Rameshwar)
  • Kunkeshwar
  • Devgad
  • Vijaydurga Fort
  • Pawas (Swami Swarupanand)
  • Ganpatipule (Swayambhu Ganesh Temple and Beach Safar)

We provide you with assorted Konkan Darshan packages. Starting from 6 Days 5 Nights package to 3 Days and 2 Nights package. Choose whatever season you like the most, fix your budget and then jump on a Kokan Darshan package whichever suits your mandates the most.

Packages that we are providing to you-

1) Sampurn Kokan Darshan- You can visit all the tourist spots within 6 days. It is a 6 days and 5 nights Konkan tour. You can frame each day as per your preferences.

    • Day 1- Commence your journey on this day.
    • Day 2- Visit Kawalesaad, Hiranyakeshi, Mahadevgad Point, Sunset Point and Waterfall.
  • Day 3- Explore and have a look at Sawantwadi (Toy Market), Reddy Ganesh, Aravali Vetoba, Vengurla, Sagareshwar, Malvan (Bharadi Devi Darshan) Aangnewadi, Malvan Market.
  • Day 4- Visit Tarkarli (Backwater), Malvan Fort, Media Ganesh, Aachra (Rameshwar), Kunkeshwar and Devgad
  • Day 5- Visit rest of the places like Vijaydurga Fort, Pawas (Swami Swarupanand), Ganpatipule (Swayambhu Ganesh Temple and Beach Safar).
  • Day 6- Take a bow and put a sweet end to your journey.

2) Mini Kokan Darshan- This is a 3 days and 2 nights tour. Explore places like Anjarle (Kadyavarcha Ganapati Temple), beach, Guhagar (Vyadeshwar Temple) Velaneshwar, Hedvi, Malgund, Ganptipule, Derven, Shiv Srushti, and Parshuram Temple.

3) Other packages- You can also decide on a solo package on Raigad Darshan, Tarkarli- Ganpatipule, Mumbai to Alibaug, Mumbai to Deveagar.

Our tour agency offers you the best Konkan darshan tour packages from Mumbai. You can go for any of these budget-friendly plans. Our packages let you witness the magnificence of almost all the popular tourist spots. You can also avail for a customized package depending upon your budget and the particular places you want to witness. Hurry up and witness the beauty of Konkan with your loved ones


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